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Signposts helps you as parents and carers to design your own program to suit the unique needs of your child and develop strategies to prevent and manage current difficult behaviour. The procedures described in Signposts have been found to be effective with boys and girls of all ages and whose disabilities vary in nature and severity.

Over 3000 parents and other carers have used the Signposts program. Here is what some of them say …

‘I’m enjoying being a parent again - for the first time in ages.’

‘It’s not complicated. It’s actually simple. Everything was broken down.’

‘I was able to identify triggers, which were causing negative behaviour and I worked on minimising these.‘

‘It 'floored' me to find that if I waited, I got a response every time.’

‘I was able to meet and share experiences with other parents.’

‘It helped me to focus on the positive things Nathan is achieving, rather than getting lost and frustrated with the negatives.’

‘It gave us the confidence to handle things. Both my husband and I still refer back to the basic principles of the course when dealing with demanding behaviour.’

‘To be honest, we personally use it more for our 'normal' children than for our son with 'special needs.'

‘I developed tools that can be used over and over again to deal with the difficult behaviours that are exhibited at some time or other.’

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