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How can Signposts help me and my child?

Signposts has up-to-date parenting strategies you can use to encourage positive behaviour in your child. It can also provide an opportunity to meet other parents and share ideas and experiences.

How much of my time will this program take up?

It depends on the mode of delivery and the behaviour you are working on. The group program generally has six to eight weekly or fortnightly sessions of two hours per session. In addition, you will need to spend time at home watching the DVD and working through the exercises. Individual and telephone sessions are shorter. If you are working on your own, you will need to set this time aside. The amount of time it takes to try out the strategies with your child depends on the natureof the behaviours you choose to work on. You are probably spending a good deal of time trying to manage difficult behaviour already, so using a new strategy might actually take less time over the long term.

Do I have to keep records of my child's behaviour for the whole program?

It is useful for families to keep records for the entire program so they can see improvements in their child's behaviour. If record-keeping becomes too difficult, keep records for the first two weeks (baseline) and then the last two weeks of the program so you can see overall progress.

I’ve tried strategies before and they haven’t worked. Why should this be any different?

When working with a facilitator in a group or in individual sessions you will be helped to tailor the strategies to better suit your child and family. 

Is there a cost involved in attending the program?

Materials are made available to parents free of charge; however, if you are using a private provider, you will have to pay their usual fee for service.

How can I find a program near me?

The Find a Program section of this website has a directory of practitioners and the services that they can offer. You can contact the practitioner via phone or email to discuss your options.

I can’t attend face-to-face sessions. Are there other options?

If you live in Victoria (or in NSW but close to Wodonga) you can complete either the self-directed or the telephone support Signposts program via Gateway Community Health Service – phone 1800 880 660.

I do not live in Victoria - can I still access this program?

At the moment, if you live in other Australian states, or other countries, access to the program is limited, unless a local service has approached us for contracted training. We currently have a project underway that will enable parents to access the program online, so please sign up for PRC e-news updates to be notified when this becomes available.

I don’t think I can wait until a program becomes available in my area, I need help with my child’s behaviour urgently.

All states and territories in Australia have a parenting hotline that you can call for immediate counseling about your situation, and for local ideas about who else might be able to assist you. In Victoria this service is Parentline, however a list of interstate options are available here.

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