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What is Signposts?

Signposts is a program for the parents and family carers of children aged 3 to 16 years with a developmental delay or an intellectual disability. It is designed to help carers prevent or manage the difficult behaviours of their children.

Who developed Signposts?

Signposts was developed by PRC and RMIT University staff in conjunction with parents. 

How is Signposts delivered?

Facilitators trained by the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) offer the program to families in groups, face-to-face with individuals or via telephone. At present, families in Victoria are able to access the program in each of these methods of delivery, or online.

Who delivers the Signposts program to parents?

There are trained Signposts facilitators across Victoria as well as in Chester and Wirral in the United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand.

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